Historical information

Marion Rosalie Mapperson, 1920-1946, was the daughter of the Mr and Mrs C Mapperson and was born in a home mission parsonage where she grew up to realise the presence and power of Jesus Christ. She became a fully-accredited local preacher then joined the staff of the Methodist Homes for Children at Cheltenham from there she began her training to be a Methodist Deaconess. Her funeral service was held at the Palmerston Street Church, Carton; it was conducted by the Warden of the Deaconess Institute, the Rev A W Pederick and Rev D W Risstrom. Marion Mapperson was buried at Fawkner Memorial Park.

Physical description

G135.1 and G135.2 brass conical shaped vases with a dedication engraved at the base.

Inscriptions & markings

G137.1: "Presented by the W.H.M.L. I Memory of Marion Mapperson"
G137.2: "Presented by the Deaconesses In Memory of Marion Mapperson"