Historical information

Wedding dress and veil worn by Margaret Vyner at her wedding to Ian McKendrick on 11th January 1958


The McKendrick family came to Mt Beauty very early in the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme (KHES) days. Their son, Ian, worked in the Mt Beauty Post Office for 40+ years.
The Vyner family were long time employees of the SECV working on the KHES and were residents of Mt Beauty.
Margaret was a nurse at the Tawonga District Hospital at the Tawonga site and at the Mt Beauty site.

Physical description

Long soft white taffeta under-skirt. The outer is cut on the cross, made of nylon and with a train and has appliqued lace of a flower and is beaded. The sleeves are long and shear. The taffeta bodice is fitted with a featured V waistline. The sleeves are pointed (to cover over the hand) with a flower applique. There are 5 pearl buttons down the back and are fastened with loops. The side zip is metal and on the right hand side and at the top there is a hook and eye.
The bridal veil - A large tulle circle edged with lace and formed into a 2 tiered veil held together with a green covered wire circlet decorated with wax flowers.