Historical information

The Universal Food Chopper was a common domestic item internationally and throughout Australia. It was manufactured by the Landers, Frary & Clark company ( L.F. &C.).
It was first sold in 1897, and proved to be so popular that the company still featured it in their catalogue sixty years later. It was marketed as a device that not only ground meat, but also processed vegetables.
The number 2 on the device referred to the size of the grinder, with the 3 model being the largest for heavy-duty use and the 00 model the smallest.


This appliance was a common domestic item used throughout Australia

Physical description

A cast iron and wood domestic appliance. The food chopper has a large screw on the base which allowed it to be anchored to a table or work bench. Food items were placed in the the cavity at the top and the user wound the handle to force the food through the blade. Different attachments allowed adjustments to the size the food was chopped.

Inscriptions & markings

On Side 1: Pat. Oct.12, 1897/ Apr. 18, 1899/ Re Sept. 5, 1899
On Side 2 : LF & Co. /New Britain / CONN USA / No 2/ UNIVERSAL FOOD CHOPPER