Historical information

Monica Miller was taught to sing by Ballarat Teacher Madame Warburton, and in her youth competed as a singer in Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong. She received her early musical training in piano, violin and singing at Ballarat's Loreto College. Monica Miller was runner up in the Sun Aria, coming second by one point. In 1946 she started lecturing at Ballarat Teachers' College (BTC) in a few rooms at the back of Dana Street State School, and retired from the Gillies Street Teachers' College site in 1965. Speech Training was also the domain of Monica Miller at BTC. Her Speech Training class notes include: Voice, Articulation parts, Correct positions for consonants, vowels and diphthongs, Phonetic Styles, Correction of Speech Defects, Speech Training in the schools, Poetry Appreciation, Rhythm, Lessons for country classes, Lessons for Student Teacher Classes and Lessons to Grades. Monica Miller died on 25 February 1995.