Historical information

This work was presented to The Mayor and Mayoress, Cr. and Mrs R.G. Ward, by the citizens of Brighton to commemorate the Brighton Centenary in 1959. Brighton was first incorporated as a borough on 18 January 1859, it became a town on 18 March 1887 and was proclaimed a city on 12 March 1919.
The new Brighton Municipal Offices were designed by Kevin Knight of Oakley and Parkes with the engineers John Connell and Associates and were erected by Prentice Builders Pty Ltd. The foundation stone was laid on 13 February 1959 and the building was opened on 21 July 1961. The interior decoration and furniture was by Grant Featherston.

Physical description

Hand-coloured photograph of the stage of the Brighton Town Hall at the Mayoral Ball on 5 June 1959. On the set design is an artist's impression of the new Brighton Municipal Offices with gardens and a gate in the foreground. The building is a rectangular shaped 2-storey building with a large tapering ‘drum’ shaped tower at the rear.