Historical information

This type of pessary was used in the treatment of retroflexion of the uterus.

Thomas’ Retroflexion Pessary is narrower in proportion to its length, while the greater bow is enlarged to a bulb-like form. It enjoyed great popularity and as such was manufactured in a great variety of sizes. Comprised of hard rubber because of its lightness and the high polish that may be given it. The shape can be adjusted by covering the device in petrolatum and heating it with a spirit lamp or immersing it in boiling water.

Manufactured in three sizes, and could be combined with a cup and stem external support. See Allen & Hanburys Gynaecological instruments catalogue, page 707.

Physical description

Vulcanite pessary. Pessary is loosely horseshoe shaped, tapering to a point at the proximal end. The curve of the pessary at the distal end thickens and is rounded. Majority of the pessary is concave.