Historical information

Dr Carl von Brandenstein was born in 1909 in Hanover, Germany. He studied oriental languages and the history of religion at Berlin University (1928-1934) and Leipzig (1938-1939). His doctoral thesis was a dissertation on the iconography of Hittite gods. He was arrested in Persia in 1941 and sent to Australia where he was interned at Loveday Camp South Australia and in Camp 1 Tatura from January 1945 until his release in August 1946.

Physical description

Four artworks in a dark wood frame with terracotta coloured matte. Item 1: Hospital Waranga. Tall gum trees in foreground, blue sky . Staff standing under the veranda and a red cross vehicle parked in front. A barbed wire fence surrounds the hospital. Item 2: Inside the Library. Item 3: Camp Barracks. Four huts in a row . A tree and garden in front. Item 4: Reading Room. A table in centre of the room with a single chair. Books and stationery items on the table. A lamp hangs from the ceiling. Bookshelves along the walls and paintings on the wall.

Inscriptions & markings

Item 2: "am letzten Tage deiner Internierung dem lieben Hans Wulff fur Errinnerung an gemeinsam gebautes" (English Translation: On the last day of your internment to dear Hans Wiulff for remembrance of what we built together.