Historical information

These items are known as baulk circle templates.
The larger one stamped Alcock & Co would have been made before 1888 (this is clear from the address).
The middle one is more likely to have been made during the late 19th or early 20 century.
The smaller on made of ply would have been made much later in the 20th century.

The person maintaining the Billiard Table uses one of these templates to mark out a semi-circle on the table cloth in a particular position determined by the rules of the games of billiard and snooker.
The semi-circle is known as the Baulk Circle.
Together with a line across the table at the diameter of the semi-circle , known as the baulk line, the baulk circle plays a crucial part in these games.
For example, the opening shot of each game is played from the baulk circle; in the game of billiard, if an opponent's ball crosses the baulk line, it may lead to his ball being “protected “during the next shot.


A billiard room was a feature of all the Missions over the world.

Physical description

Set of 3 large semi circular wooden tools.