Historical information

These are two vintage small cups, probably dating from early in the 20th century. They may have originally had saucers to match. Both cups have different inscriptions, and were likely given as a present to indicate friendship or love and other examples of the same type of cup have similar inscriptions such as 'Remember me' and 'Forget-Me-Not'. The cup may not have been used but kept for decorative purposes.


This cup has no known provenance and is kept for display purposes as an attractive vintage household item

Physical description

These are two small china cups with a light greenish yellow and white body and a white handles. The white section has some gold lettering on it. The cup is decorated with s raised pattern of a gold chain and blue and gold flowers. The country of origin is stamped on the base.

Inscriptions & markings

.1 A Present .2 Remember me.
Made in Germany