Historical information

This album contains cigarette cards dating from the early 20th Century. The cards include Australian and English cricketers, Australian footballers, animals, racehorses, ships, Pacific Islanders, jockeys, actors and other famous people. The cards come from a variety of Australian and English cigarette companies.
The album comes from the Edwards family who lived on the MORVEN property situated about 11 kilometres west of Branxholme in the Western District of Victoria. This property was sub divided in 1911 into 25 farms. There was once a Morven School and today there is a road of that name in the area..


This album is of considerable significance as it has historical value as an early collection of cigarette cards. Collecting of cigarette cards was a major social activity amongst young people, particularly in the first half of the 20th Century. It was a profitable advertising ploy for cigarette companies. Card and small object collecting by children today is still popular and used as an advertising mechanism.

Physical description

This album has a worn cover in faded green and fawn colours with a blue spine almost wholly detached. The back cover is stained. The cover has text. There are eighteen double sided pages with cut spaces for holding seven cigarette cards on each. Most of the pages contain black and white, sepia or coloured cigarette cards. There is an inscription on the first page.

Inscriptions & markings

To Bennie from Auntie Lou.
Xmas 1908