Physical description

A vintage 1950's hardcover children's book with the title Bonzo's Annual printed at the top in green lettering on the front cover.There is a large coloured illustration of the dog Bonzo riding on a rocket above the town rooftops with a smiling full moon in the sky. It is bound on the left side with faded grey fabric tape. The back cover is plain grey coloured.The frontispiece illustration shows Bonzo on a swing attached by ropes to a giraffe's long neck with a monkey and two toucan birds looking on. The illustration is from the story 'Bonzo's Festival. The title page has the title, author, illustrator, publisher details and a coloured illustration of Bonzo as an artist at his easel. Pp. 92.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Written in blue ink on the right side endpaper: ' To John Wishing you a Happy Birthday From Judith, Joy and Harold.' This has been crossed out. On the left side of the front endpaper on the This Book Belongs to: 'John Horsby' which is also crossed out. 'Trevor Doigde' is written above this.


A vintage 1950's collection of Bonzo the dog stories for children with two tone coloured illustrations throughout the book. Bonzo has a lot of fun adventures. These Bonzo annuals were popular from 1935. They ceased publication during the war years and resumed afterwards.