Historical information

Mary Fogarty was a student at the School of Mines in the 1920s. She was a member of the Hockey team that was part of the Ballarat Hockey Association Competition. She studied Arts and Crafts and became a teacher at the SMB Technical Arts School. In 1945 she was in charge of the Girls' Preparatory Classes - Years 7 and 8. In 1950 she was asked to start the Technical School for Girls. !951 saw 30 Form 1 students in the ground floor of the old SMB Secondary School (E J Tippett Library/former Gaol Governor's residence). She had an assistant. 1952 saw another 30 students enrolled and two more staff.
As the school grew they were given space in the Art School. Houses along Grant Street were bought with the intention of building a three storey building. The girls had Art with Art School Staff, Science in SMB Science Room and Music