Historical information

Bill LONGLEY (03.12.1933 – 20.5.2020)
Arrived Australia 1981

Bill Longley started an apprenticeship with “Kingwood Rural Industries” Surrey in 1948. In 1956 is changed name to “Greyshott Pottery" After serving in the Royal Air Force from 1954 to 1977 he undertook and later, teacher training, then bought the “Penderleath Pottery”, St Ives, Cornwall in 1977 from Anthony Richards and renamed it the “Cripplesease Pottery.” Bill made a wide range of domestic stoneware. He built up the pottery into a successful business, eventually selling in 1981 and migrating to Australia with his wife Sue.

In Melbourne, Bill Longley made and sold pottery at weekend markets, as well as helping Robert Gordon (June Dyson’s son) set up his Pakenham pottery, which Gordon started in 1979. Bill Longley worked as an advisor and thrower with Robert Gorndon for some time."

Bill retired in the late 1980s to Daylesford

Works may be marked with an impressed 'Bill Longley, Australia'.

Physical description

Blue Vessel by Bill Longley