Historical information

Needles in this collection include:
-2 x abdominal triangular cutting edge suture needles, used for skin suture. Size 2/0
-Morrison's half circle round bodied suture needle, size 3 and size 2
-Bonney's regular curved cutting edge suture needle, size 7 or 8
-Regular curved triangular pointed suture needle, size 2 and size 6
-Ferguson's round point half circle suture needle, size 15
-Hagerdorn's reversed 1/20 suture needle, size 7
-Bonney's curved suture needle, size 7 and size 9
-Regular curved triangular cutting point suture needle, size 15
-Boston/intestinal fine round bodied half circle suture needle


Dr Mitchell Henry O'Sullivan worked in the Victorian country town of Casterton as a general practitioner from 1919 until his death in 1977. He also practiced obstetrics. His son, Dr David More O'Sullivan donated his obstetric bag and its contents to the College in 1999. The bag and contents are a unique time capsule of the type of instruments and pharmaceuticals used in the inter-war period.

Physical description

Collection of suture needles in wooden case. Consists of four, loose, crescent shaped needles, and an additional nine needles stuck into a piece of cork. Case is cylindrical, has a lid and is possibly made from pine wood.