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A publication by the CFA giving detailed information, images, maps and photographs about the bush fires which blazed across Victoria and southern New South Wales from November 2019 until brought under control in February 2020.

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The 2019 - 2020 fire season, which became known as "Black SUmmer" was long and difficult for the CFA, emergency services and communities across the eastern seaboard of Australia, especially in northeastern and eastern Victoria. By its conclusion more than 8,200 CFA volunteers had contributed to the fire response in Victoria and another 2,288 CFA volunteers had been deployed interstate. THe bushfires burned 1.5 million hectares, destroyed more than 400 homes, 6,800 livestock and thousands of native animals. Tragically 5 people also lost their lives. The fires took their toll physically and psychologically.This book provides an insight into the challenges faced by so many in their efforts to protect communities and was produced as part of the recovery process from this horrific event.