Historical information

The fine white linen rectangular mat was possibly used on a side table there the chalice, collection plate and other ceremonial items could be stored.

This item is part of the collection of Ecclesiastical Linen once used by St. Andrews Anglican Church on the corner of the Esplanade and 14 Drummond St, Dennington, Victoria. The first Anglican service was conducted on December 22nd, 1907. The church was decommissioned in January 2003.


This item is part of the Ecclesiastical Linen collection, which is significant for its examples of handworked embroidery and drawn-thread work from the early 20th century. The items are also examples of a collection used for religious services during this period.
The Ecclesiastical Linen is also significant for its association with the early development of the local township of Dennington and the importance the the community of setting aside land in the 1850's for the purpose of religious worship.
The Ecclesiastical Linen is also significant for its connection to St Andrews Anglican Church, Dennington. The church was funded and attended by the local community in the early 1900's and is now listed on the Victorian Heritage Database (VHD 118083) as a building of historical and social significance.

Physical description

Mat, part of a set of Ecclesiastical Linen once used in St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Dennington, Victoria, between the years 1907 and 2003. The hem of the fine white linen square has been hand stitched.