Physical description

An extremely damaged, old and worn black covered booklet about ailments that people suffer with the title Doan's Dream Book. The front cover has an illustration of an ancient Egyptian woman sitting on a large stone chair with a child at her feet playing a type of harp. 'I wonder if Dreams Come True' is written at the bottom with the publisher details. It has many examples throughout of how these illnesses may be improved with advertising for products too. The back cover has lists of medication made by Doan's. p. 32.
De Witt's 200 Year Calendar and Book of Horoscopes has a red, black, pink and cream front cover showing an oval with horoscopes drawn around the edges and a mountain with a yacht sailing on a river with 'The Quest for Health' written below. The title is written at the bottom of the cover. This booklet has the 200 year calendar at the front with dates from 1776 - 1976. Throughout the booklet are advertisements and information on various medications produced and sold by the company circa 1950's. p32.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

In the De Witt's booklet various dates are written by hand at the top of some pages in ink.


A booklet on dream interpretation dispersed with advertisements and testimonials for Doan's medicines. Originally published in 1904, this likely is an early 1920's printing. Many booklets like this were produced as PR material to increase product sales between c. 1900 - 1915. They were given to the more affluent customers or clients by the local shopkeepers of the period and are interesting Australiana historical publications. They were anywhere between 8 to 32 pages.<br/>The De Witt's booklet is similar with advertisements and information on various medicinal products produced and sold by the company for ailments. p.32.