Historical information

The Flag contains the Sandringham seal, which was designed by Sans and McDougall, had been selected in 1917 by a special committee and depicted as its main feature the Sandringham pier and breakwater, with a yacht in full sail, as an inset, and supported by two dolphins. The motto selected was Omni Opere ("With all earnestness.").

Physical description

Dark blue flag with circular City of Sandringham seal in the centre with the words CITY OF SANDRINGHAM in yellow border around the outside. The seal contains a central shield depicting a large sailboat in the water at the top, below it an L-shaped pier protruding from the right and below that another pier protruding from the left with two small boats at the bottom. The shield is flanked by two dolphins, with St Edward's crown above, and a banner containing the motto 'OMNI OPERE' beneath.