Historical information

Hay bale saws were a common agricultural tool. Ed Nolt, a Dutch resident of Pennsylvania, USA, invented the prototype for the small square baler back in the 1930s. His patent was purchased and mass produced during the 1940s. These balers quickly spread throughout the world and became a common agricultural machine. The hale bale saw was used to cut up the bales when distributing feed to livestock. As modern agricultural production has turned more to the use of large round bales, these small saws have become obsolete.
This saw was used by a farmer in North Barnawatha approximately 18 kilometres from Wodonga, Victoria.


This saw is representative of the agricultural tools in the mid to late 20th century.

Physical description

A metal saw with 2 wooden handles. The saw has a very coarse serrated edge. One of the handles is parallel to the blade, and the other handle is perpendicular to the blade.