Historical information

Semak is an Australian company, manufacturing Australian-Made equipment for the Foodservice Industry. It was established in 1948. The most famous Semak appliance is the 'Vitamizer'. Designed in 1948 it quickly became the standard for blending. An updated version was relaunched in 2012.
The Semak vitamiser was advertised as a wonder machine which every housewife should have.Advertising claimed that the Semak could whip cream, grind coffee, blend jam, makes soups and sauces, makes cakes, sandwich spreads, ice-cream, special diets, puree fruit drinks, supper snacks, mayonnaise and dessert. It sold for £21. Demonstrations were conducted in electrical stores across the nation. A recipe book and full instructions for operation was included.


This item is representative of a popular Australian-made kitchen appliance used across the country.

Physical description

A food vitamiser in 2 sections. Top section is detachable for cleaning. Has electrical cord attached.

Inscriptions & markings

Surrounding power control: Semak Vitamiser
Under base: CAT No. S2/ 230 - 25 V / 240W / 40 - 60