Historical information

The document confirms that the Tender for the supply of gas to the Warrnambool Light, also known as the Lighthouse, by the Warrnambool Gas Works was successful. The Tender was issued by the Engineer in Charge, Ports and Harbours, Melbourne, for a the period ending 30th June 1905, at the offered rate of 10/- (ten shillings) per 100.0 c/f (cubic feet). The Manager of the Warrnambool Gas Works expected to follow this acceptance with a visit to the Collector of Customs to sign the Conditions of Contract and Bond.

The light of Warrnambool's Lady Bay Lighthouse was originally powered by oil. Later it was converted to gas, followed by electricity, then solar power, and finally to battery power.

The Warrnambool Gas Company operated the gas works from the 1870's to the late 1920's.


This document connects Warrnambool's Lady Bay Lighthouse to the Warrnambool Gas Works during the first decade of the 20th century. It documents to process of a Government department requesting Tenders for the supply of goods to operate a service, the the formal documentation required at that time.

Physical description

Pale cream rectangular paper with template text printed in black and completed in black ink script. Letterhead of the Department of Ports and Harbours, Melbourne, and addressed to the Gas Works, Warrnambool, dated 24th June 1904, for the supply of gas to the Warrnambool Light until 30th June 1905 at the cost of Ten Shillings per 100 cubic feet.

Inscriptions & markings

"24th [June] 1904" Warrnambool [Light]" "Manager W'bool Gas Wks"
"supply of gas to" "1905" "10/- per 100.0 c/f"
"Collector of Customs" " The Manager / Gas Works / Warrnambool"
[Signature] "for" [Engineer in Charge, Ports and Harbours]