Historical information

This book is a mid-20th century updated version of a manual with regulations and instructions for lighthouse staff and the supply of equipment and other goods that are necessary. It includes lists such as protective clothing required, fuel, when to raise a flag at half-mast, how communication must be carried out, the testing of equipment, and other similar information. It also contains templates for the Certificates of Service of various ranks such as Master and Mate.

Australia no longer has manned lighthouses although some still have caretakers that report on the weather. The last manned lighthouse was in Tasmania and was de-manned in December 1995.


The ultimate purpose of the book was to set down instructions that would be used to carry out life saving procedures, and to avoid shipwrecks. It confirms some earlier methods and updates others.
The information within the book is similar to the information referred to by the 19th century and early 20th century lighthouse keepers and staff, and others involved in the preservation of life, such as those published by the Department of Ports and Harbours.
The book is a valuable resource to those researching the evolving of maritime history from Colonial Australia to the modern day.

Physical description

Book, orange vinyl surface sealed cover on hard covered ring-binder. Gold embossed title on spine and front cover. Contains cream loose-leaf pages with rounded corners. Pages are printed with text, tables and diagrams, and are numbered with serial page and paragraph numbers. There is a Table of Contents and an Index. The cover displays the Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Published by the Commonwealth of Australia in 1968 for the Department of Shipping and Transport, the book contains the Standing Orders to Masters and Crews of Lighthouse Tenders. It has examples for Certificates of Service for various ranks, a list of books and forms, protective clothing, rates for passengers, and a Scheme of Colour Painting for Lighthouse Tenders.

Inscriptions & markings

Coat of Arms [Commonwealth of Australia]