Historical information

The interview of Sue Dight was recorded in the Mission.

Episode Description
For our final episode pre-Christmas 2021 we visited the Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne. We chatted to Sue Dight the CEO of the Mission to find out about the amazing and varied ways in which they care for visiting seafarers who come into port. We also found out about Sue's own career journey which is an inspiration. It's a nice time of year to be inspired by the story of an organisation that's looks out for a forgotten group. Enjoy, and have a great Christmas.


This episod was recorded after the pandemic, and Sue Dight gives a lot of details about the work done during this period and the conditions the seafarers were subjected to.
The épisode is also about Sue Dight, her career, her love for the Mission's architecture.

Physical description

Interview of Sue Dight recorded in the Mission to Seafarers