Historical information

These two orange-coloured dishes are made of pressed glass to which an iridiscent surface shimmer has been added by the application of metallic salts. They are examples of Carnival Ware and the orange colour is known in the trade world as 'marigold'. Carnival Ware was first produced in 1908 as a relatively cheap version of decorative glassware in U.S.A. and this country was the main producer up to the 1940s, with the 1920s being the decade when it was most popular. Carnival Ware was also produced in other countries including Australia and the United Kingdom and is a collectable item today.


These two dishes have no known local provenance and are retained as examples of vintage household items serving both a utilitarian and a decorative purpose.

Physical description

.1 An oval shaped shallow glass dish with pressed patterns and handles at either end. The item is orange-coloured.
.2 as above