Historical information

This item is an example of Carnival Ware glass. Carnival Ware is pressed glass to which an iridescent surface shimmer has been applied using metallic salts. The trade name of the colour is 'Marigold'. Carnival Ware was first produced in U.S.A in 1908 and production in both U.S. A. and other countries continued until the 1940s, with the 1920s being the decade when it was most popular. It was a cheaper version of a decorative item for the household as well as having a utilitarian purpose and is a collectable glass today.


This vase has no known local significance but is retained as an example of an item likely to be found in many local households of the 20th century.

Physical description

This is an orange-coloured pressed glass vase. It is on a stand of three legs and has a fluted patterned top rim. The body of the vase has raised decorations of butterflies and berries.