Historical information

This chapter consists of in-depth case studies of two location-based games played in Melbourne: Urban Codemakers (2010–11) and Wayfinder Live (2017), both designed by Troy Innocent. These games were directly funded by government bodies in Melbourne to promote the city’s cultural and artistic life to residents and tourists. But its creator was given a broad remit to fulfil these agendas and used them to reflect on the city’s history, architecture, and future development. Through auto-ethnographic observation and interviews with the designer and several players of the games, I reflect on the broader relationship between location-based games, their players, and the institutions and authorities that fund and enable them.


Three of the mosaics were installed on outside walls of the Mission and were a way for the Mission to be put on the map.

Physical description

6 photographs depicting the Wayfinders mosaics to be scanned though an application on a phone.