Historical information

The first race meetings took place in Wodonga as early as 1859, when there was an annual three-day race meeting known as the Belvoir annual races. More regular racing in Wodonga dates back to 1870. The first formal race club, the Wodonga Racing Club, was founded in 1873. In 1901 it was renamed as the Wodonga Federal Racing Club. In May 1901, the Wodonga Amateur Turf Club was formed. Also in 1901, on 3rd July, another body, the Wodonga Citizens’ Race Club was formed with a view to satisfying a demand for winter racing. At a meeting at the Wodonga Council Chambers in October 1901, it was decided, seemingly by an unanimous vote, that the three Wodonga race clubs then in existence would amalgamate to form the Wodonga Turf Club.

Physical description

A small oval badge showing member details. The front has been enamelled, primarily in green and golf. It bears the Wodonga Turf Club logo and the date in gold paint. It has been attached to a cord through the metal eyelet at the top.

Inscriptions & markings

On front: Wodonga Turf Club/ 86 87