Historical information

A wide range of items have been created as souvenirs to represent the Hume Weir on the Murray River. Work on Hume Dam started in 1919 and took 17 years to complete. Souvenir items have included chinaware, ashtrays, placemats and small jewellery items such as this tie pin. This tie pin was created as a souvenir for the town of Tallangatta. In the 1950s, the height of the Hume Weir wall was increased, resulting in a nine metre rise in the level of the water in Lake Hume. This necessitated the moving of most of the town of Old Tallangatta due to flooding. The transfer of the township by the State Rivers and Waters Supply Commission to a new site approximately 8 kilometres to the west was completed on 29 June 1956.


This item is representative of many items commemorating the Hume Weir and the township of Tallangatta.

Physical description

A small metal and enamelled oval tie pin. It features and image of the Hume Weir.

Inscriptions & markings

Around top edge in white: TALLANGATTA
Around bottom edge" HUME WEIR"