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A small booklet issued by the Australian Post Office to explain the use of post codes 1967. It outlines how to use a postcode, advice for businesses to ensure their correct use and a list of all the postcodes allocated throughout Australia at that time. Two other booklets are updated lists of postcodes.

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The use of postcodes was introduced in Australia on Saturday, 1 July 1967 by the Postmaster General's department. They are used to more efficiently sort and route mail within AUstralia. In July 1967, the first edition of the Postcode Booklet was distributed free by mail to every Australian household and business address. A total of 4.5 million booklets were distributed, as well as a postcard identifying the recipient’s own postcode. Originally the four digit postcodes were developed for electronic mail handling equipment at the former Redfern Mail Exchange in Sydney. This was extended to cover all locations in Australia and continues to grow as new residential areas are developed.