Historical information

Thes two documents deal with the purchase and sale of land near Warrnambool by Thomas Simpson. The first document, called a Grant by Purchase, is dated 1852 and shows that Thomas Simpson purchased from the Crown, Allotment 146 (22 acres two roods) adjoining the property of Wollaston on the Merri River and the Mortlake Road, north of Warrnambool. The cost was 90 pounds. The second document is dated 1853 and shows that Thomas Simpson sold this Merri River allotment of 22 acres to Eliza Bromfield, in conjunction with her husband, John Davenport Bromfield, for the sum of 110 pounds. The property of Wollaston was owned by the Manifold family and in the 1850s was leased to William Simpson, the brother of Thomas who had an adjoining property called Wooramoota. John Davenport Bromfield was a Colac farmer who played a prominent part in the early history of that town. His brother James Astley Bromfield, an early chemist in Warrnambool is important in Warrnambool's history.


These two items are of considerable significance because they are amongst the earliest legal documents we have connected to Warrnambool's history and because they concern three early pioneers of the district. They also have a connection to Wollaston, an important early property in the Warrnambool district.

Physical description

.1 A piece of light parchment paper, stained with age and folded in three places. It contains printed and handwritten material, a copy of a signature and a white seal.
.2 A piece of parchment paper folded in half and then folded again in two places. It contains ruled red lines, handwritten material in black ink and the remains of a red seal. The top of the first page has a cut-out fluted pattern.