Physical description

A small vintage paper booklet with no cover 'Needlework Romance' - modern, exclusive needlework designs which are finding a growing place in the lives of everyone. It is filled with black lined illustrations and full descriptions of the many varieties of pattern ideas which could be ordered from The Sun News Pictorial in Melbourne for the price of 1/3 each. Patterns include Crotchet, Embroidery, Rugs, Doyleys, Toys, baby clothes and more. Pp.17. It is stapled together.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

There is no cover on the booklet, just the title' Needlework Romance' by Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks.


A small vintage paper booklet describing many varieties of needlework patterns which could be ordered through The Sun News-Pictorial Pattern Service Bureau in Melbourne. Readers were encouraged to 'watch for beautiful & exclusive needlework designs appearing in our paper regularly.' Details of how to order the patterns is given on the back of the booklet, along with the price, 1/3 each.