Historical information

1st Battalion RAR is a Motorised Battalion of the Australian Army, based out of Townsville. Banner donated by Shane Reynolds of 1 RAR A Coy. PT321635.

Physical description

Large banner, predominately dark blue, large gold and black emblem in centre. Emblem has standing Kangaroo in centre over two crossed rifles. A crown above the Kangaroo who is standing on a base with motto on the base. Below the base is a boomerang with Royal Australian Regiment inscribed. From the end of the boomerang, leaves and fruit of a plant curling up to the crown giving a rough circular configuration. In top left corner numeric of "1" in white. Top right corner a flag emblem in colours of green, blue and green. Left edge of banner has white reinforcement and small plastic hole at top and bottom.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed on base " Duty First" as motto and " Royal Australian Regiment".