Historical information

This specimen is a copper-carbonate malachite mineral. It is often found as crystalline aggregates or crusts, which have a banded agate-like appearance while also commonly found as botryoidal clusters of radiating crystals. Malachite is often bright green in colour, with dark green and blackish blooms or stripes/bands throughout the mineral.

This particular specimen was recovered from the Burra Burra Copper Mine located Burra, South Australia. By the 1860's, South Australia was known as the "Copper Kingdom" due to its large amount of copper mines and huge success in the copper mining industry. Burra Burra was no exception to this phenomena, as this mining company was greatly famous and successful, being nicknamed the "Monster Mine". It was first established in 1848 and was the largest metal mine in Australia up until 1860.


This specimen is significant as it highlights the historic use and value of malachite and the rarity of the mineral. Malachite is a rare gemstone which has been used in various ways historically. It has been cut and sculpted into beads for jewellery use as its rich colour and distinct yet unique patterns have made it a well sought after gemstone. Its' continued use over time only heightens the value and significance of this mineral.

Physical description

A hand-sized solid copper-carbonate hydroxide mineral specimen in shades of blue, green and copper tones throughout.

Inscriptions & markings

MALACHITE / (Copper carbonite) / Locality: Burra, South Aust. | Malachite / Burra Burra / South Australia / (good specimen) / needs a wash / BB