Historical information

This lamp was produced in 1922 as a lighting mechanism for a motor cycle. It is a Lucas lamp, with the trade name 'Chieftain'. The firm of Joseph Lucas Industries was established in 1860 in England, initially making scoops, buckets and plant holders. In 1875 it began making lamps for ships and after 1902 lamps and other components for motorised vehicles. Today, after merging with a North American company, it is a maker of components for both the automotive and the aerospace industries.


This item is retained as an example of motor cycle lighting that would have been used locally in the 1920s.

Physical description

This is a metal lamp with a round base, a cylindrical body and a rounded lighting mechanism enclosed in glass. There is a screw lid on top of the oil container, a mechanism for attaching the lamp to the vehicle and two small round glass buttons on either side of the lighting area. The lamp has traces of silver colouring but is very rusty. There is an old card containing some handwriting attached to the lamp.

Inscriptions & markings

Lucas Chieftain 1922