Historical information

This miniature cash tin was produced by Fry's Chocolate Company of England as a promotional giveaway and probably held some chocolate samples. It would then have been used in a household for keeping trinkets or other small items. The Fry's Chocolate Company was established in Bristol, England in the mid 18th century by Joseph Fry and in the mid 19th century it produced the first mass-produced chocolate bar (1866 - Chocolate Cream, 1913 Turkish Delight). The company merged with the Cadbury company in 1919 and the Tasmanian Cadbury factory which opened in 1921 was known as Cadbury-Fry-Pascall. Fry's chocolate bars were very popular in Australia.


This item is retained as a memento of Fry's Chocolate Company, the products of which featured in Australian life for many decades.

Physical description

This is a rectangular metal tin painted black and light brown. It has a hinged lid and a metal handle held with clips inserted into slits on the top of the lid. There is printing on the lid and a label on the base.

Inscriptions & markings

Fry's Chocolate