Historical information

Manuals supplied for maintenance and Training Purposes in relation to use and upkeep of Thompson machine Gun in the theatre of war. Notebook summarises some key points of this.

Physical description

1. Training Manual for the Thompson Machine Gun. Yellow cover with picture of gun. 32 internal pages on white paper and black writing. Includes B & W pictures of guns and parts.
2. Note book has green cover and supplied by Military Forces. Inside pages lined and white. Writing of notes on one side only and manually numbered up to Pg. 14 with technical notes.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Sticker on front says "Technical Book and Magazine Co". In pencil at top name "R.D. Vincent".
2. Note book name at top "D.V. Sutcliffe, SGT" and writing "Thompson Sub Machine" - Is notebook of "Australian Military Forces"