Historical information

A presentation Platter to the Frank Lewis Family. Hecworth was a brand created by Platers Pty Ltd to produce silver-plated tableware and other household items. in May 1949 Platers Pty Ltd merged with Rodd (Australia founded in 1919 manufacturers of silver and jewellery and in 1960 merged with Mytton Rodd (Australia)Ltd. The products were known for their high quality and affordable prices and were popular in the 1960's. Hecworth silver plate was often used as wedding gifts and other special occasions.

Physical description

A large vintage 1960's heavy decorative round silver plated presentation platter with a leaf trim on the raised edge, an inscription in the middle surrounded by a circular group of seven large floral or leaf patterns.

Inscriptions & markings

'Presented as a token of esteem to the Frank Lewis Family from the residents of Seville - Yellingbo & District July 15th 1966' On the back is stamped - 'Hecworth Reproduction Old Sheffield'