Historical information

This is believed to be a photograph of Cartographic Squadron, one of the Army Survey Regiment’s squadrons at Fortuna, Bendigo. It was probably taken on Corps Day in July 1985 as its members appear in winter dress. Cartographic technician tasks undertaken by Cartographic Squadron at that time were scribing, compiling, retouching, masking, type setting, type stickup, terrain embossing, correcting and proving quality control.

Physical description

This is a photograph of Cartographic Squadron taken at the Army Survey Regiment, Fortuna, Bendigo. c1985. The black and white photograph was printed on photographic paper and is part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection. The photograph was scanned at 600 dpi.
.1) - Photo, black & white, 1985, Cartographic Squadron, Army Survey Regiment. Back Row L to R: CPL Dave Cook, SPR John Keely, CPL Perry Burt, CPL Terry ‘TJ’ Wicker, CPL Roger Pearson, CPL Simon ‘Andy’ Capp, CPL Paul Richards, SPR Owen Jones, SPR Bjorn Sakariassen, CPL Graeme Priestley, SPR Roger Graf, SPR Robin Marshall, SGT Paul Hopes. Middle Row L to R: SPR Max Watson, CPL Doug Home, SGT Mick Flynn, SGT Alan Staley, CPL John Reid, SPR Denise (Muldoon) Marshall, CPL Mark Casey, SGT Greg Anderson, SPR Leah (Hoffman) Peppler, SPR Gayle Humphrey, CPL John ‘Stormy’ Tempest, SGT Paul Leskovec CSM, SGT Graeme Dowd, SPR Tracy (Parker) Ash.
Front Row L to R: SGT John Zuringer, SSGT Adrian ‘Charlie’ Creedy, SSGT Dennis McCarthy, SSGT Ian ‘Rock’ Thistleton, SSGT Trevor Pearson, WO2 Russ Larsen, WO1 Doug Arman, MAJ Terry Edwards, WO1 Bill Griggs, WO1 Dick Manley, SSGT Tony Harder RE (UK Exchange), SSGT Doug Gay, SGT Tim Allanson, SGT Dennis Learmonth.

Inscriptions & markings

No personnel are identified.