Historical information

This is a set of three photographs of personnel from the Detachment - Army Survey Regiment taken in front of its main map production building at Bonegilla, Victoria in c1973. This cartographic map production sub-unit of the Army Survey Regiment operated in buildings owned by the School of Military Survey from 17th of June 1970 to the 30th of September 1985. A total of 800 topographic maps ranging in scale from 1:25,000 to 1: 250,000 scale were completed. A major focus of production in the 1970s was the cartographic completion of the Papua-New Guinea 1:100,000 map series and the Flexiflow quality control system was developed as a tool to coordinate production. The Flexiflow system comprised a series of job plans and charts linked to a task allocation to resource magnetic planning board. Using critical path analysis and task prioritisation, complex job planning was efficiently scheduled, and re-prioritisations readily made. Reproduction requirements were effectively coordinated by way of weekly courier to the Army Survey Regiment at Bendigo. Supervisors and technicians fully embraced the system as they could understand their role, others around them and the positive production achievements. WO1 Bill Boyd (who does not appear in this photograph) was the technical warrant officer for 11 years at the Detachment was awarded the OAM, the Order of Australia Medal for leading the development and the implementation of the Flexiflow system. By mid-1982, production of maps at these scales was undertaken digitally on Bendigo’s AUTOMAP 2 system and the Detachment reverted to production of small-scale large format RAAF aeronautical charts. Detachment personnel managed to produce 18 charts in the following two years, which was an impressive achievement for the staff, given major differences in format, specification and scales. Development of digital production of aeronautical charts in 1984-85 led to gradual reduction in production output and contracting out production was instigated to meet the shortfall and as a consequence the Detachment closed in September 1985. See pages 177 to 180 of Valerie Lovejoy’s book 'Mapmakers of Fortuna – A history of the Army Survey Regiment’ ISBN: 0-646-42120-4. for more information on the history of the Detachment at Bonegilla.

Physical description

This is a set of three photographs of the Detachment - Army Survey Regiment taken in front of the main map production building at Bonegilla, Victoria in c1973. The photographs were printed on photographic paper and are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection. The photographic proofs were scanned at 600 dpi.
.1) to .3) - Photo, black & white c1973. Back Row L to R: Peter Simpson, Chris Edwards, unidentified (x2), Colin Harden, Rowan Gillies, Bob Rowley OAM, Steve Hansen, Stu Thaxter. Centre Row L to R: Kevin Boehm, Dennis McCarthy, Peter Cross, unidentified, Brian Ryan, unidentified, Ian Marner, unidentified, Phil Smalley. Front Row L to R: Geoff Haynes, Bruce Wetzig, Dave Thompson, unidentified, OC Bob Roche, Ike Lever, John McCulloch, Dick Barwald, unidentified.

Inscriptions & markings

There are no personnel annotated.