Historical information

A syllabus for each subject taught in Technical Schools that was provided by the Education Department of Victoria.
.1: Syllabus for Heat Engines - side 1, Grade 1; side 2, Grade 2
.2: Syllabus for Refrigeration - Grade 1 and Grade 2 on side 1.
.3: Syllabus for Farm Irrigation and Irrigation Engineering - side one, Farm Irrigation; side 2, Irrigation Engineering.
.4: Mechanics and Mechanics applied to Mining - 4 pages covering Mechanics (Applied) Grade 1, Grade 2, Mechanics (Applied) Structures, Grade 3, Mechanics (Applied) Machines, Grade 3; Mechanics Applied to Mining and Theoretical Mechanics
.5: Syllabus for Mechanics and Heat - First Grade Mechanics students will be required to know the general principles and formulae of the science, apparatus used method of using and to verify formulae experimentally. Second Grade course includes all subjects for Grade 1 plus Newton's proof of the parallelogram of forces, rotation round fixed axis, laws of rotary motion of a body, resistance, harmonic motion, friction,impulsive forces, barometer corrections and Heat and thermodynamics. Third Grade students, an intimate knowledge of the courses for first and second grades plus remaining portions of thermodynamics.
A special course for Evening Students in Mechanics and Heat outlined.
.6: Syllabus for Electricity - covers the requirements for First Grade, Second Grade and Grade 3. Areas covered are Magnets and Magnetism, Electroscopes and Electrification, Electronic Fields, Voltaic Electricity, Measurement of Current, Electromagnetism, Amperemeters, Resistance, Electrical Technology,

Physical description

A5 size pages, typed. Some are doubled sided.