Historical information

This file contains five items:
1/Two copies of a document titled THE OUTER CIRCLE RAILWAY by the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and the Australian Railway Historical Society, Vic div. It details the history of the construction of the Outer Circle Railway and discussed expenses and other factors affecting the construction of the line. Notes compiled by R.K Whitehead, Research and Archives Officer Australian Railway Historical Society Victoria Division. The document includes three maps of the outer circle railway line.
2/Four newspaper articles detailing the history of the Outer Circle Railway Line. They include ten black and white images of various aspects of the railway and three line maps. The first article is titled ‘Rail Link with the Past’. In the COLLINGWOOD COURIER dated 07/10/1970, author unknown. The second article titled ‘Ghost trains of the Outer’ by Kenneth Joachim in the HERALD dated 18/04/1975. The third article is titled ‘Tracks in Time’ by Norman Thompson from NEWS, dated 13/02/1973. The fourth article is titled ‘Our Ghost Railway’ by John Townsley from the HERALD, dated 06/11/1974.
3/A letter from Victorian Railways Chief Estate Officer N.A Wigmore to the Honorary Secretary of the Caulfield Historical Society, dated 19/11/1975 regarding the leasing of land along the Outer Circle Railway Reserve from Dandenong Road to the Hughesdale Station.
4/Two copies of an article titled ‘Outer Circle Railway’ in the CAULFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY NEWSLETTER undated detailing the history of the outer circle line. The article includes a map of the section of the line in Caulfield.
5/A Photocopy of two images of train line locations on the Outer Circle Line. One on Warrigal Road, looking south from Ashburton dated 1936. The second is of the Black Bridge over Gardiners Creek dated 1935.