Historical information

File contains 3 items:
1/Original handwritten notes by Leo J Harrington (VR Melbourne) and T O’Callaghan titled ‘Victorian Railways to ‘62’. Notes include dates of electrification of lines, station openings, valuations, railway station names and their origins. Reference to council minutes regarding request to change the name of Elsternwick station to Caulfield in June 1871.
2/Original newspaper article from ‘The Age’ dated 10/06/1978 by Graeme Davidson titled ‘A case study of Railway politics’. Article refers to a publication called ‘Return to Rosstown, Railway, Land Sales and Sugar Beet ventures in Caulfield’ by D. F. ‘Return to Rosstown’ recounts the story of the Rosstown Junction railway and its creator, William Murray Ross. Tells of Ross’ life since coming to Australia from Liverpool and how he prospered as a land speculator owning large tracts of land in Caulfield, the sugar mill and his plans to operate a railway.
3/Original newspaper article (and image) from ‘Moorabbin Standard’ dated 25/11/1981, titled ‘Centenary train to carry mayors’. Article reports that a special train will run from Spencer Street Station to Mordialloc railway Station on Saturday 19/12/1981 to celebrate the centenary of the railway line to Mordialloc. Story mentions that in 1881, the Caulfield to Mordialloc line was a single track and that passengers can also board the special train at Caulfield Station. Image is of steam train with red ‘tait’ carriages (undated).