Historical information

This file contains four items
1/Two copies of a twenty-four page booklet titled CITY OF CAULFIELD CENTENARY 1857-1957, created by the Caulfield City Council and printed by Peter Isaacson Pty Limited, Melbourne. The booklet details important aspects of Caulfield’s history including council procedures, the Caulfield Road District Proclamation, the first election and a summary of 100 years of local government with a description of the present Caulfield in 1957. The booklet also includes several pictures of various Caulfield landmarks and people including one of Caulfield City Councillors (11 men and 1 woman). Also one photocopied version of this booklet.
2/Eleven pages of typed notes for the City of Caulfield Centenary booklet. All notes are undated and incomplete. Two pages titled NOTES on THE HISTORY and PROGRESS OF THE CITY OF CAULFIELD, author unknown. Three and a half pages titled THE STRUCTURE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN VICTORIA, author unknown. Five pages titled 100 YEARS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT – EARLY CAULFIELD, by Mrs A. P. Bell.
3/A typed letter to Miss V. Webb-Langdon from the Town Clerk H.G. Nelson, acknowledging her contribution to historical details for the Caulfield Council’s Centenary booklet, dated 24/12/1957.
4/A handwritten letter and a handwritten note regarding the acquisition of notes for the Caulfield Centenary booklet. The letter is dated 03/08/2006 and the note is dated 09/02/2007.