Historical information

This file contains one item.
Series of seventeen black and white original photographs relating to disability and disability workshops. Some or all were apparently from the Caulfield Contact newspaper. Generally undated, but the dates 1983 and 1985 are given for two groups of photos. The photos are as follows (as catalogued):
A. 5 ‘disability workshop photos’
B. 2 ‘disability photos for Caulfield Contact’
C. 3 photos of ‘Specific Home Help’, depicting Isobell Hood, Margo Broadway, Georgie Broadway, and Maureen McGregor.
D. 2 photos of ‘Coping with Disability- End of Glenferrie Road Transport’- depicts motorised tricycle crossing Glenferrie Road, and ‘Young People at Bank’.
E. 3 photos: ‘Blind Cyclist Alan Bates and Team Mate at RUIB, St Kilda Road, early 1985’ (one photo); ‘Caulfield Hospital Wheelchair Rally, 30/4/?’ (sic) (one photo); and ‘YMCA Swimming Pool Encore Group for Mastectomies 1983’.