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1/The Local Government Act, First Report of the Assistant Commissioner of Roads and Bridges, printed by order of the Victorian Legislative Assembly on 08/03/1865. The document is the first annual report of John Steavenson, Assistant Commissioner of Roads and Bridges under s330 of the Local Government Act no. 176 (1863), and relates to transactions which took place from 02/09/1863 to 31/12/1864. The report outlines operations carried out by the Department of Roads and Bridges in this period. In the Glen Eira area this includes: separating electoral subdivisions of single districts (Moorabbin), adding detached portions of territory to road districts and shires (Caulfield), appointing of and altering in polling places, appointing of polling places for ridings of shires and subdivisions of road districts (Moorabbin), preparing and transmitting of forms of books also of pro forma accounts for guidance of local bodies in keeping their accounts, appointment of main roads, construction of a main road, ‘Dandenong’, in the Caulfield and Gardiner districts, proclaiming of Common Toll Roads, names of and security given by Managers of Common Toll Roads. The report also gives some information about the Shire of Caulfield, which contained 24 road districts and 340 rate payers in 8¼ square miles, and the Shire of Moorabbin, which contained 62 road districts and 713 rate payers in 30 square miles.