Historical information

This file contains three items about the visit of Prince George Duke of Cornwall and York (later Prince of Wales, later Geroge V) to Victoria in 1901:
1/A book ‘Addresses to (His Royal Highness) HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York and to His Excellency the Governor-General the Earl of Hopetown from the Municipalities of Victoria' containing copies of the addresses from the municipalities to George and the Governor-General on the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the replies of George and the Governor General. The book also contains individual cards on each municipality, including the Shire of Caulfield. The cards contain information such as date of incorporation and population, and the signatures of the Mayors, Councillors and Town Clerks of the cities, towns and boroughs, and the signatures of the Presidents, Councillors and Secretaries of the Shires. The book also contains the signatures of the President, executive committee and secretary of the Municipal Association of Victoria.
2/A research note by Amy MacKintosh on the information on Caulfield Shire contained within the book.
3/A research note by Amy MacKintosh on the circumstances of George’s visit to Australia.