Historical information

This file contains one item about the Caulfield RSL’s newsletter:
1/Five issues (nos. 26, 33, 35, 42, and 44) of Furfs, the official newsletter of the Caulfield RSL, dated 12/2000, 05/2004, 10/2005, 12/2007, and 11/2009 respectively. The issues vary in size (numbering 12, 6, 1, 8, and 8 pages, respectively) and consequently, in terms of breadth of content. Most, however, report on the Club’s recent activities, list the current administrative staff, eulogise recently deceased members, and contain advertisements for goods and services of interest to members. All except the shortest also contain numerous black-and-white photographs of members participating in various events. No. 42 also has an article on the progress of the Club history including mention of a 1963 ABC Four Corners episode with footage inside and outside the Club as well as interviews with members.