Historical information

This file contains six items pertaining to the Caulfield Central RSL:
1/A page to which is attached a black-and-white photograph (date, source and photographer unspecified) of the Caulfield Central RSL, outlying garden and Australian flag. Some writing on the rear identifies the subject.
2/A typewritten letter, (1 page) dated 1946 (no date more specific than that specified), from the Chairman & Honourary Treasurer of the Caulfield Central RSL Appeal Committee (name unspecified) to the Mayor of Caulfield (name also unspecified), imploring the latter for a donation of $20,000 dollars for purposes of constructing a Memorial Hall to eulogize servicemen killed during WWII. Some rough working notes on rear side.
3/A flyer, undated (although presumably published in 1950), printed by Peter Isaacson Pty. Ltd., advertising a concert presented by the Ugly Ugly Man (Frank M. Beard) and the Malvern Tramways’ Harmonica Band to be held at Caulfield Town Hall on 06/06/1950 to assist the Welfare Funds of the Caulfield Central RSL and the Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Mothers’ Association. Also contains an advertisement for a drapery business called Tallents.
4/The annual report of the Caulfield Central RSL, for the period 1952 – 1953. Contains announcements of the annual general meeting and annual elections, the President’s report (in which he principally discusses the club’s charity work and sporting activities), the subcommittee staff roster, the sportsmen’s honour roll, the annual accounts (e.g. balance sheet, income & expenditure statement) and the roster of nominees for office in the committee of management election.
5/A typewritten letter, (1 page) dated 26/11/1982, from Max Brian Blair, Treasurer of the Caulfield Central RSL, to Mr. R. Ballantyne, Secretary of the Caulfield Historical Society, thanking him for his donation to the RSL.
6/A photocopy of an article titled ‘RSL pays $30,000 to buy off objector’ (from the Sunday Herald, by Mary-Anne Toy, dated 16/09/1990), about the Caulfield Central RSL paying local resident Mr. Chris White to withdraw his objection to the RSL’s intention to re-allocate its clubrooms, and the consequent response of the relevant authorities.