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In 1839 a runaway horse crashed into a tree stump that stood in the middle of Bourke Street; and in 1840 there were holes in Collins Street so deep that a child was nearly drowned in one. Early Melbourne Sketchbook recaptures the exciting early days of the city, days when rainy weather rendered Elizabeth Street impassable without a punt, and when Melbourne's first city councillor was elected on the promise of free beer to his constituents. Brian Carroll has sought out an interesting collection of contemporary illustrations to take us back to the beginning of Melbourne, from the original discovery of Port Phillip in 1802. David Collins' abortive settlement at Sullivan's Bay was abandoned in 1803, and it was not until 1835 that John Batman settled on his now famous 'place for a village'. Here are fascinating stories of the men who founded and shaped Victoria's capital city: Batman, Fawkner, Bourke, La Trobe. In addition, there is a wealth of information about Melbourne's buildings and landmarks - places such as St Francis', the Post Office, the Town Hall, Princes Bridge, and Young and Jackson's. Early Melbourne Sketchbook describes vividly the historical development and cultural growth of the city that was to become Australia's financial capital and its second largest city. (Inside cover)