Historical information

J. Mann and Sons was first established as a farm produce store in 1921. The range of products was extended in the 1930s and included groceries and hardware, as well as the first petrol bowser in Wodonga outside the store. After WWII, the premises were extended and the range of products continued to increase. In the 1960s the Mann Family opened a new supermarket in Wodonga, in addition to the hardware business, providing steel, plumbing and industrial supplies, and they employed over 100 people at one stage. With changes in the retail industry, the Mann Family sold the main hardware business to Bunnings and the produce business to the Kelly brothers in 2006.

Mercury Scales was founded in Thebarton, South Australia in 1946. The business experienced rapid growth, leading to its joining with A&D’s global organisation and evolving into A&D Mercury. IN 2023 A&D Weighing is an Australian leader in the supply of electronic weighing scales, balances, metal detectors, checkweighers and weighing systems. This model was approved on 13 February 1980. On 25 March 1988 approval to change the business name to A & D Mercury Pty Ltd was granted by the Australian National Standards Commission.

Physical description

A set of cast iron scales. The measurement on the balance arm is in kilograms. There are 2 trays suspended by chains. bas is fitted with a level indicator and four adjustable feet.

Inscriptions & markings

On Manufacturer's plate: MERCURY SCALE CO. PTY. LTD.
N.S.C 6/9A/109
M/C No. Q. 760253
CAP 101 kg
MODEL No. 211 C